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OS Disaster Restoration Will Be Your Partner As We Rebuild And Make You Whole!

Our Process

OS Disaster & Restoration specializes in helping you maintain peace of mind during the disaster, restoration, and reconstruction process. We know, whether you have gone through a hurricane, flood, fire or other cataphoric event--you have been tried to your very limit. What you need is a disaster/restoration company that will take care of everything with your home and make it right. OS Disaster & Restoration will be your partner and will take care of your every need when it comes to making you whole with your home. 

Step 1: The Assessment

The first step to making you whole is the assessment. You as well we need to know exactly what needs to happen to get your home back in working and living order.

Step 3: Restoration & Rebuild

Once you are confident that we are the right company to use, we are going to get to work. We are going to do all the heavy lifting, so that the process of making of getting you home livable is worry free.


Step 2: The Blueprint

We are going to submit to you an exact blueprint on our process and the next steps. This blueprint will include pricing, time table, and each action step that needs to take place to make you whole.

Step 4: Completion

Once all the damage in your home has been dealt with and we have rebuilt your home to better than new, we will keep in touch with you for any other remodeling needs you may have. Simply call us, we will be there when you need us! 

Our team

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Jack Oddo

Jack Oddo

Ashley Oddo Executive Sales Assistant

Ashley Oddo

Executive Sales Assistant
Michael Giardina

Michael Giardina

Bradley Donahoo

Bradley Donahoo

Sales Manager
Katherine Bich

Matthew Phillips

SEO Specialist
Benjamin Broward

Benjamin Broward

Canvassing Team Supervisor
Sq. Ft. Remodeled

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