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The renovation process is a give and take. For as much as it’s been glamorized in television shows, there’s a lot that happens in between the before and after shots that you don’t typically see. Ultimately, renovation is about discovering what your house can be, and letting us put in the work to make it happen.

OS Disaster & Restoration was founded to respect the original home's spirit, scale, and vibe, and strive for our work to read as a natural progression, a new chapter, to the existing home. At the completion of each renovation, our goal is to leave the you--the homeowner with a beautiful and functional place to live in and love for years to come.

Better Than New

Better Than New

No matter whether the remodeling project is large or small, we have exceptional products and an unmatched variety of styles and building materials, and service that provide you with countless ways to create awe-inspiring custom looks for your custom home remodel. When we get finished with your kitchen, bath, living room, or your entire house it will literally be better than it was when it was brand new. 

Design Services

Design Services

Whether you’re thinking of updating a bath or reinventing your kitchen, our designers, seasoned project managers and skilled craftspeople can help you create an environment that’s beautiful, functional, personal, and perfectly suited to you and your family. We may be known for disaster and restoration, but we’re equally adept at kitchen remodeling, baths, additions and whole house renovations. You will never be in the dark, as our design-build methodology provides each client a single point of contact, and ensures that even the most complex projects remain focused, efficient and hassle-free.


Will the remodel be noisy? When?

Construction is inherently noisy; there will be noise at varying levels throughout the home renovation process. We will give you advance notice during the really noisy phases, particularly, concrete cutting, tile cutting, floor sanding, etc. so that you can plan your days accordingly.

Will it be really dusty and dirty?

The dust and dirt will be the worst in the demolition phase. Once we've got things stripped down to the frame, things will be fairly clean. Drywall installation and sanding will create a lot of very fine dust for a few days. We do our very best to seal off the rest of the house, but a little dust will always get through. It's a good idea to throw a plastic sheet over nearby sensitive items like electronics or fine furniture during this phase.

Will I be without power/water/gas during the remodel?

Depending on the scope of your home remodeling project, there will likely be some brief interruption to utilities. During the demolition phase, and when we bring in the rough trades (electrical, plumbing, HVAC), electrical, water and gas may need to be shut off anywhere from a few minutes to several hours. If we are connecting new gas pipes to your existing pipes, we will need to unhook your gas appliances and test the whole system for leaks. This could take a whole day. Moving an electrical panel or upgrading an electrical panel will likely also take a whole day. In any case, we will give you advance warning so that you can plan accordingly. 

How will I be kept informed about the progress of my project?

You will have easy access to your project production manager and can expect ongoing communication throughout the house renovation process. We also make full use of today’s modern computer-based tools to manage your project and keep you updated. We keep all project documentation safely stored online where you can monitor progress, manage change orders or simply send a short message with feedback to your team. When completed, we do a final project walkthrough to ensure every detail of your project is handled to your complete satisfaction.

How long will my home renovation project take?

Each home remodel is unique, so this question isn't as cut and dry as one might think. The duration of your project depends on multiple aspects, including size of the renovation project, scope of work and materials/finishes used. At OS Disaster & Restoration, we prepare a construction schedule for each remodeling project based on our full understanding of the scope. We also work together with the homeowner to ensure it can be completed within the estimated time frame.

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